Diligence Security and Training, LLC

Armed  and Unarmed
Guard Training Classes


Security_lable_on_jacket.jpgOur armed guard class is the course  required by the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance as part of the application process  to obtain an Armed Security Guard License (PPS card). This course will cover the Tennessee Private Protective Services Law and Rules book and will follow the guidelines as set forth by the State of Tennessee. (Please note that there is an additional application and fee process to the state for Certification)


Tuition:  Call (865) 809-5180 or (865) 389-5232  or  for more information

Length of Class:  16 hours; 2 day class- 8 hrs each day

Time:  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (class times are approximate and may change) 

Days: Tuesday and Wednesday (May change without notice)

Course Description:  Training includes a final  examination covering subjects taught in class In addition, an armed guard applicant must complete an additional four  hours of marksmanship training and achieve a minimum of 70% on any silhouette target course approved by the commissioner.

 • Orientation

 • Legal powers and limitations of a security guard

 • Emergency procedures

 • General duties including patrolling and report writing

 • Training for weapons that are less than lethal

 • Force Continuum

 • Legal limitations on the use of a firearm

 • Handling of a firearm 

 • Safety and maintenance of firearms